Voice Lessons

Voice lessons are tailored to the individual student’s vocal needs and are geared to support student goals and interests, so content can range widely in scope. As the process is unique for each student, we may explore any repertory genre or style of singing at the student’s request, including other types of voice work, such as public speaking.

I am a classically-trained soprano who specializes in Early classical music styles such as Medieval and Renaissance, but I also write and demo pop songs and have worked professionally with rock, jazz, blues, musical theater, caberet, and gospel styles. My students are pop artists preparing for tour, singer-songwriters creating new material, professional opera singers, executives honing their speaking voices, intermediate singers going to the next level, and new singers exploring their voices for the very first time. What they all have in common is a strong desire to make their voices stronger, healthier, and more beautiful.

Voice Lessons for Singing

The foundation of lessons are intensive exercises and etudes I’ve developed and assembled from wide-reaching teaching styles. My pedagogy draws from Bel Canto, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais Method, and vocology, among many other sources. I’ve combined all of the most efficient materials specifically to strengthen the breathing apparatus, get the voice closing properly (to create sound in a healthy and sustainable way), achieve clear and consistently resonant vowels (phonation), expand range and power, while most importantly allowing the voice freedom to find its own authentic and natural sound.

In addition to teaching weekly lessons, I also make recordings of distinct sets of these exercises for each student, based on range, skill level, and special vocal needs, such as falsetto. Recordings are provided to students to practice with daily at home, in combination with breathing, tongue and postural exercises.  When done correctly and regularly, this regimen yields fast and effective results. Over the course of the first 3-5 lessons, we invest a significant amount of time learning the exercises.  As lessons progress, we increasingly focus on repertory chosen by the student, but we continue adding exercises to the student’s recording so that practice sessions at home yield consistent improvement.

Most importantly, we have fun. In addition to technical work, we also explore vital areas such as musical interpretation, theatricality, connecting with audiences, defeating stage fright, and improving body alignment in singing and everyday life. Students working in my Philadelphia studio often have the opportunity to perform in front of small audiences at studio recitals.

If you’re interested in lessons, please contact me!

Voice Lessons for Speaking

I have compiled another set of materials for speech students covering emphasis, pitch, resonance, melody, speed, and other areas for growth in a beautiful and magnetic speaking voice. We do a lot of reading and recording, and then moving the positive changes from reading into everyday conversation. For vocal strengthening, I use many of the same materials that are helpful to singers — we work on breathing as well as working out the voice with customized humming and singing exercises for a more powerful sound. Speech work generally takes 1-3 months in order for students to fully reach their goals, a shorter time than it takes for most singers. I usually admit 1 to 2 speech students per semester. Please contact me if you are interested in working on your speaking voice!

If you’re interested in lessons, please contact me!

Online Voice Lessons

I offer online voice lessons through Skype, Zoom, and Facetime.  I’ve been teaching this way for a long time, I have many online files and materials ready to go to give you a premium experience where you can achieve all your goals without the commute!

If you’re interested in lessons, please contact me!