“When I started voice lessons with Anna, I was a 30-year-old attorney with a bachelor’s degree in music composition, but no formal training in voice. I was hoping to have some guidance to get a bit more polish on some vocal tracks I was recording for my own songs that I compose as a hobby. I definitely got that with Anna, and a lot more.

Building from the foundation of breathing and articulation, we were able to improve my voice control to the point where I even noticed that my speaking voice was stronger, which has benefited my career.  We worked through a broad repertoire of songs that we selected together (from my own compositions to classic rock to Schubert and Debussy), and prepared these pieces for performance at the regular recitals Anna hosted.

I now feel that I have the technique and the tools to be proud of the vocal tracks I record for my own projects, and I have a lot more confidence singing (and even speaking) in front of an audience.  Whether you are trying to improve your vocal technique, gain greater confidence performing in public, or simply gain a greater familiarity and appreciation for vocal music in its many forms, I would strongly recommend working with Anna.”

– Mike D.

“Dr. Emily Anna Bridges is the best vocal teacher I have ever had. I have made more progress with her in just a few short months than I made with all of my other vocal teachers/coaches combined over the course of several years.

Her teaching philosophy is refreshing and inspiring. She sees each student as unique and works with them to bring out the beauty of their individual voice. She has shown me that I can sing beautifully and be myself.

Her ability to convey complex technical ideas about voice production in a way that is easy to understand and apply is astonishing. Under her tutelage, I have begun to truly grasp the physical and emotional aspects of singing.

My technique has grown by leaps and bounds. When I sing, I can feel all the parts working, doing what they should–and if they aren’t doing what they should at any moment, I have tools she has given me to bring everything back to center. 

Before finding Dr. Bridges, I had begun to despair that I never would be able to sing the way I wanted to–that I just wasn’t teachable.

Since I started working with Dr. Bridges, I have gone from being cautiously optimistic to absolutely joyous about my ability to sing–and about the incredible feeling that gives me.

The La Voce Mia approach gave me my voice back. For that, I will always be grateful.”

— Michael Broussard, Producer/Emcee
Five Minute Follies

“Once I initially met Anna to learn more about her teaching style, I chose her to help me improve my voice and reduce my performance jitters. Four years later, I continue to learn and grow, have joined two choirs and performed in the studio’s recitals.

Anna introduced me to proven methods that challenge the voice. As a result, I have increased my vocal range and learned to bridge the gap between my lower and upper registers. Through her encouragement, I’ve explored singing music in other languages, and worked to perfect the pronunciations of my chosen pieces. She’s challenged me to reach beyond my comfort zone, and has been a great support during moments where I hit a plateau.

I’ve learned a lot about Anna and her expertise. She has years of extensive study and experience singing, as well as a readiness to learn more, especially if it means helping her student with a new challenge. Her approach to teaching includes an understanding of the physiology of singing, and she shares that with her students. I have a greater sense of the mechanics of my instrument now, and a confidence in my self to know how to care for it when to reach or pull back, how to create my sound by utilizing breath, posture, and resonance.

These past four years have taken me beyond where I thought I could go, and I am so grateful to Anna for her guidance through this process.”

— Lana N.

“I studied with Dr. Bridges for over 2 years, and had a great experience throughout.  I look forward to studying with her again as soon as our schedules allow.  To begin, Dr. Bridges (Anna) has created a warm and welcoming environment in the La Voce Mia studio.  It was always a pleasure to arrive and well worth the trip (I live in Delaware).

She offers both a concrete plan in the form of lessons, assignments, and goals along with the flexibility to work on what the student needs at the moment (e.g. prepare for an audition).  From personal experience, the lessons and exercises she prescribes are able to really open your voice and will help you progress greatly when you follow them.  If you’re ready to do the work she can help you focus on what will bring out your voice.

Anna has a tremendous depth of musical expertise as a performer and composer and it can be seen in her teaching.  From her ability to hear all parts of a student’s voice to her song and exercise selection to improve it.  She is also geared towards building independent students by giving them tools to learn on their own.  I’ve learned from her a workable method for learning new songs on my own as well as a method for writing them.

Anna has many qualities that make her a great voice teacher.  She is a skilled, sensitive, professional, and experienced and beyond all of these she is passionate about helping her students find their own voice.  If you have the passion to sing or speak with your authentic voice, she can guide you.”

— Brandon G.

“Throughout my career, I received feedback that I didn’t speak with enough volume, to the point I felt it was impeding my career. I decided to seek out professional assistance and found La Voce Mia.

Dr. Bridges helped me establish goals and create a plan to reach them. The experience was great and I can’t thank Dr. Bridges enough for her professional and thoughtful lessons. I would highly recommend La Voce Mia to any other professionals with similar goals!”

— Clark K., Human Resources