New Studio Location at 10th and Fitzwater Streets!

Finally, here it is: photos of the new voice studio location!

La Voce Mia Voice Studio has moved its location from 11th and Clinton Streets to 10th and Fitzwater Streets. It’s only a 4 block move, and I’m now located 2 blocks south of Center City, so technically we are in Bella Vista, but we have some HUGE upgrades!

The building is late 19th century and operated for more than one hundred years as a convent. The front room at one time had two fireplaces and an altar at the front as it served as the sanctuary of the building. It has amazing acoustics, original floors and stained glass windows. Giant wooden doors close the parlor off from the rest of the house, and two other sets of doors and a back staircase protect the privacy of the studio from the living area of our home. No more upstairs neighbors, people peeking in from outside, or unknown people going in and out of the building!
It’s important that as a voice studio, the space is elegant and comfortable, as that’s what will make voice lessons the most relaxing and inspiring for everyone who sings here. ┬áSo my partner Adam and I put a great deal of effort into making this the best studio that we could. Electricity was upgraded and the ceiling, which had cracked thousands of times under its original paper, was secured and re-plastered. We put a gorgeous French crystal chandelier together by hand (we were on a pretty strict budget) to bring the place some operatic grandness and painted the whole thing a beautiful decor white. The Steinway we had at our old apartment finally has a home and is a huge upgrade over the old Wurlitzer upright that served us for many years. With some hard work and lots of love, we have finally created a wonderful place to practice, learn, and perform. I have taught a few lessons here but can’t wait for the Spring Semester to get the space into frequent use!