Speech Training

Are you looking to move up faster in your corporation or be taken more seriously by others in your career or relationships? Have you ever felt your voice was holding you back from earning respect, making the sale, leading a group, persuading your clients, or motivating your team? Would you like to develop more vocal presence, magnetism and impact with your spoken voice?

Many people take their voices for granted and accept their way of speaking as something that can not be developed or changed. It makes sense that our voices, with us since birth, get missed on our radar as one of the most powerful areas for professional and personal development.

A Profound Opportunity For Development

In reality, your voice and the way you deliver your ideas – your manner of speaking and engaging others vocally, as well as the sound of the voice itself – can make or break your career, relationships, creative endeavors, and other areas of success in life.

Each of my speaking clients pursues a unique set of vocal development goals. Some speakers want to make their speech slower, clearer, or more impactful. Others want more energy, melody, and passion in their voices. And others want to draw stronger boundaries or maintain more authority with their manner of speaking.

What these professionals all have in common is a desire to develop their voices to fulfill the potential they have as leader and to become more effective in their professional and personal lives. With vocal training, we can easily and effectively address any of these concerns and use targeted vocal training to quickly bring out each speaker’s full unique potential for a stronger, more engaging, and more effective presence.

How We Do It

In lessons together we cover emphasis, pitch, resonance, melody, speed, and other areas as needed for developing a beautiful and magnetic speaking voice. Practicing our work during the week is intense but is done in several manageable bursts of 5-7 minutes per day. We do a lot of reading and recording, and then move the positive changes from reading into phone calls, meetings and everyday conversation. The exact context depends on the client’s goals and aspirations for his or her vocal development, so lessons are extremely tailored for each client individually.

Since many people struggle with various forms of vocal weakness brought on by illness, menopause, aging, misuse, or other challenges, we also have access to the same vocal training my singing students use to transform their voices at a conservatory level.

The same powerful techniques that create opera singers do wonders for my speech students as well. You don’t have to be a good singer, sing in tune, or have any experience for it to strengthen, stabilize and rejuvenate your voice. This kind of training goes to the core of vocal production and offers significant and gorgeous results to anyone who’s ready to work toward a better speaking voice. As an added bonus, many of my clients also find new joy in becoming better singers in the process!

Let Your Organization Help You

Lessons for vocal development can be a profound investment in the future success of your organization. Many of my clients pursue vocal training for speaking with resources offered by their companies, churches, firms, or other professional entities, which of course directly benefit from their honed and developed speaking skills and abilities.

Contact Me!

Please contact me if you’re interested in voice lessons for speaking in person at my Philadelphia Studio or via Skype or Zoom online. I welcome new clients to join my studio to explore this very profoundly powerful area of professional development. Get in touch with me to set up a free meeting!