Hourly rates are for scheduled 60-minute private voice lessons at my Philadelphia studio, or via Skype. Hourly rates are most often used for professional engagements, studio time, and for assessments of vocal talent and recommendations for professional development. Most of my regular local students taking ongoing lessons use the monthly plan with a substantially lower hourly rate, or get a discounted rate by purchasing packages of lessons.

Voice Lesson Hourly Rate: $150 

Student* Discounted Lesson Rate: $135

*Price valid for students enrolled full-time in tuition-based programs, student ID required.

Students purchasing hourly lessons outside of a monthly membership will also need to purchase their recording of custom vocal exercises separately.

Custom Vocal Exercise Recording: $100



Why spend valuable lesson time dealing with payment arrangements? With monthly billing you can focus on preparing for and enjoying your lessons, knowing that I’m keeping you on the right track as your personal vocal coach. I’m available by email, skype, and phone for rescheduling, questions in between lessons, or to help get you ready for an upcoming performance.

Monthly rates include lessons, jumpstart binder, progress tracker, and custom vocal exercise recordings, as well as participation in studio recital. Students on the monthly plan also have priority in scheduling their lessons up to a month in advance. Based on availability, monthly students are guaranteed 4 scheduled lessons per monthly cycle and can reschedule missed lessons, with notice.

Save money and enjoy the added convenience of monthly billing through PayPal!

***I am currently on maternity leave, so not taking new students until the Fall, but in the meantime find me online at the Academy of Voice!****

2018 FALL SESSION – Monthly Rate: $495

2018 FALL SESSION – Monthly Rate with Student* Discount: $465

*Price valid for students enrolled full-time in tuition-based programs, student ID required.
Promotional pricing on monthly packages may be available from time to time, depending on what slots in my schedule are available. Please contact me for details.

Monthly subscribers may unsubscribe at any time. All unused scheduled lessons will be refunded. Refunds may also be made in the form of prorated monthly fees, in the case that a student is going away on vacation, etc. Please talk to me in person to get more details.

Academy of Voice

If you’re not located in Philadelphia, or aren’t able to do lessons with me at this time, you may be interested in using a cutting edge video platform to do vocal training anytime, anywhere with exercises custom-fit for your vocal profile. If so, check out my new course, Foundations in Vocal Training at the Academy of Voice! Launching this Fall, my 8-week online video course for beginners as well as advanced singers will feature an in-depth Introduction to the Voice, complete Vocal Training Program, and exercises made to fit your exact vocal profile, based on a short easy singing assessment. Beta testers love the course and are getting very significant results that are similar to the progress I see with my local students in the first 2 months of in-person lessons. Cost will also be at a fraction of what in-studio lessons cost. If you are interested in learning more about my course or the Academy of Voice, enter your email here the Academy’s website and we will let you know when the course becomes available for new student enrollment.