La Voce Mia

La Voce Mia is Italian and means literally “The Voice (that is) Mine.” The central belief that forms the basis for my teaching philosophy is that the voice should always be treated with respect, care, and love.  The voice is a very fragile, yet powerful part of our bodies. It can communicate to others everything from a basic greeting or to our deepest hopes and fears. The voice changes with our moods and is modified by our emotion. We laugh with giddiness, cry with sorrow, sigh with wistfulness, scream in fear, and squeal with delight. Our unique ‘voiceprint’ is easily identified by those who know us with only a word or a single note. Our voices unwittingly provide clues to personal information, such as where we are from, how old we are, our genders and our moods. There is so much power and expression in a human voice.  A mother intuitively knows exactly what her child needs just from the sound of his cry.

The voice also has an amazing capacity to be used as musical instrument, and is, arguably, the first in human history.  When we use our voices to sing, music floods our bodies as well as our minds.  When we sing, we feel as though we can channel every note, every beautiful harmony underlying and surrounding it, every twinge of feeling with which the composer has imbued the music. When we sing, we feel these things throughout every fiber of our being. Not only do we feel the music as it moves through us; we change it with our production. We give the music we sing our own, unique imprint as it passes through our body. This imprint changes as we develop ourselves, so that our growth is reflected in the sounds we make. This complex and foundational web of connection among the voice, the human experience of music, and the deepest sense of self is where the power of transformation through vocal study lies.

To sing is to be one with the music, resonating in our bodies, expressed through our souls. Honing and clarifying the voice is powerful, and brings higher levels of self expression into our lives.  Many of the things that makes the voice healthy make the whole body healthy. Many of the things that strengthen the voice encourage us to apply the same dedication and perseverence to other parts of our lives. The philosophy of La Voce Mia is about uncovering your own true voice and saying goodbye to all of the things that block you from expressing your true core being.  La Voce Mia is about finding the freedom within yourself to magnify a natural beauty and allure that is not only audible, but manifested throughout every aspect of who you are.