Weekly in-studio lessons will get you amazing results.  With monthly enrollment, you can focus on preparing for and enjoying your lessons each week, knowing that I’m keeping you on the right track as your personal vocal coach.

I’m always available by email, skype, and phone for rescheduling, questions in between lessons, or to help get you ready for an upcoming performance.

The discounted Monthly Package includes:

  • Weekly 60-minute Voice Lessons (via Skype/Zoom)
  • 4/month lessons scheduled guaranteed. (2 for bi-weekly plan)
  • Vocal Training Planner with all printed materials included
  • Participation in Studio Recitals and/or Masterclasses.
  • Priority in scheduling lessons up to a month in advance.

Clients may reschedule missed lessons with 24 hours notice. Save money and enjoy the added convenience of monthly billing through PayPal, or cash and check are also accepted.


Monthly Rate for Weekly Lessons: $695/month

SPRING SALE!!! New students enrolling before April 30th get their first 6 MONTHS of lessons for $595/month ($600 off)

Monthly Rate with Student* Discount: $595/month

*Price valid for students enrolled full-time in tuition-based programs, student ID required.

Monthly Rate for BiWeekly Lessons: $395/month 

Monthly subscribers may unsubscribe at any time. All unused scheduled lessons will be rescheduled, with 48 hours notice. Refunds may be made in the form of prorated monthly fees, in the case that a client is going away on vacation, etc. Please talk to me in person to get more details.

I also frequently create discounted packages of lessons which can be scheduled as needed, for clients with varied schedules.

HOURLY RATE (Professional)

Hourly rates are for scheduled 60-minute private voice lessons online via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime. (In-studio lessons are on hold due to COVID-19.  I look forward to teaching face to face again when it’s safe again to do so.)

Hourly rates are most often used for professional engagements, studio time, and for assessments of vocal talent and recommendations for professional development. Most of my regular local clients taking ongoing lessons use the monthly plan with a substantially lower hourly rate, or get a discounted rate by purchasing packages of lessons.

Professional Hourly Rate: $250

Customized Vocal Exercise Recordings: $300