Academy of Voice is Launched and Taking Students!


Its HERE!!!!! The Academy of Voice is launched and taking new students! I am so excited to make this announcement after 6 years of video production, recording, and creating the logic for all of the programming, this new cutting edge resource is finally available to all my students!

I know it may sound crazy to say that an online studio can get you great results, but we have some very powerful tools at our disposal at AoV:

  1. The Voicessment – This easy, free 20-minute voice test is self-assessed. You answer some questions about your vocal background and goals, sing along with some easy voice coaching videos, and report the codes you see when you reach specific points in your voice. You answer a few more questions and you’re done. Even complete beginners have proven to get accurate results!
  2. The Vocal Profile Report – This report is something that entertainment lawyers and agents pay me to create for their clients to understand the potential of a voice. Now you can get this information about your own voice for FREE at AoV! As far as I know, nothing else like this exists on the Web anywhere and definitely not for free… this is a really huge giveaway but I really want to help people get started training their voices, and understanding your baseline is the best place to start that process.
  3. Custom-Fit Vocal Training Exercises – These exercises are tailored for each student depending on your vocal profile. They will all start out where it feels easiest in your range and then take you to the edge in a sequence that optimizes your practice time and challenges your voice to give you the best results. As your range expands with training, and you take more Voicessments, your exercises grow with you and continue to challenge your voice to keep growing.
  4. VTrain Vocal Training Practice System – You can take this app anywhere and use it on just about any device. It’s basically a practice folder that lives in your phone, tablet or computer. For each set of exercises there are slides with text, graphics, videos, and drawings to help take you through your practice in the correct order without forgetting anything. Included in the VTrain App is a repertory area where you can add songs with lyrics and audio tracks to sing with so you can warm up, train, practice your songs, and do cool down all in one convenient practice anywhere and at anytime.
  5. Video Voice Lessons – My 8 week course Foundations in Vocal Training is a powerful set of videos full of teaching, demos, graphics, and audio. You will learn all of the inside secrets of all of the exercises as we build our vocal training routine from the ground up. Starting with intro videos that build your background on the voice all the way through to advanced techniques and exercises that will build your voice, this course is the equivalent to 2-3 months in the studio doing lessons with me.
  6. On-Track Calls – Just because you’re my online student doesn’t mean we can’t talk. I am so excited to meet on weekly and monthly calls with my students from wherever they are in the world. I love teaching and I love being there for anyone who wants to seriously train his or her voice with my system.
  7. Coaching Packages – My online students also have access to working with me, live on skype or remotely with recordings. I am dedicated to helping my students achieve their vocal goals anywhere they go and whatever they are working on.

Please come check it out, get a FREE Voicessment and Vocal Profile Report and see for yourself how fun and exciting working on your voice can be!