A Voice Studio Thrives Despite Coronavirus Lockdown

So here we are, Philadelphia’s on lockdown. Obviously, we’re no longer meeting physically at the studio, which feels strange. But we are still working, armed with technology that makes it possible for my singers and speakers to continue thriving and meeting their goals for vocal development.

I am so very lucky to have an online voice school with many digital-only singers and speakers at the Academy of Voice. I’ve been coaching via Skype, Zoom, and FaceTime for many years, and have everything I need to make the experience as good as, or in some cases better than in-studio lessons.

While the in-studio experience affords us time and connection over tea, Skype, Zoom and FaceTime allow us instant access, convenience, and strangely enough I find that my Skype and Zoom realities allow me to hear voices and see faces in a slightly different and more up-close way.

Lately, as I work virtually with clients who I’ve been seeing in person for months, I’ve been realizing how much I can miss in a studio situation. I’m seeing more and more ways I can help people because of the switch to digital lessons. It’s amazing how that shift has actually helped me see and hear vocal issues I never noticed before, sparking new creative ways to help singers and speakers.

In a time of uncertainty, we are creating it. Our work training the voice is a grounding tool that is helping us find ourselves amidst this isolation, bolster our confidence in a time of fear, and equip us to be leaders in our industries amidst a sea of uncertainty. A strong voice is like a rock… with a strong voice, a leader can comfort, organize, fight, win, and ultimately… relax into life with surrender, because he or she has a powerful tool to make dreams reality, to abide the difficult times, to comfort, motivate, and uplift others.

This work is more sacred to me than ever, and a way to give something of value back to others after the enormous trust they have placed in me as their coach. I am deeply honored to be a vocal coach right now.

We need leadership, inspiration, and comfort… I see now more than ever this is a time of doing, a time of action, despite our physical limitations. It’s good to remember that we are in a challenging moment of history where the individual can shine, where new leaders will emerge, where people and organizations are open to any new creative ideas and innovation that can help them navigate the difficult weeks and months to come.

Our whole world feels thrown on edge. Economies and people’s lives and livelihoods are being destroyed. But even amidst all this destruction, we shouldn’t forget that soon, in the ashes, there will be opportunities to give whatever we have in our own ways to rebuild. I see my clients using this time right now to prepare, since not all of us can be at the front lines, readying themselves to be the best leaders, supporters, and innovators to rebuild it all when this chapter is over.