La Voce Mia Voice Studio

Welcome to my website! If you’re looking for voice lessons or a vocal coach in Philadelphia, you’re invited to learn more here about my studio in Center City. I also offer online lessons via Skype. If you like what you’re reading, please contact me so that we can schedule a free one-on-one meeting to discuss lessons further.


My name is Emily Anna Bridges. I am a composer, singer, and vocal coach with almost a decade of vocal teaching experience. I began my teaching career at Penn while working on my doctorate in Music, steadily gaining students until I graduated in 2009. I eventually opened a private studio, which has since blossomed into a full-time career. My students are from all over the Philly metro area, are of various ages and professions, and come from diverse musical backgrounds.

My teaching style is holistic, health-oriented, and aware of the deep connection between the voice and personal identity. My students are treated with complete discretion and confidentiality, and are welcomed to a nurturing teaching environment. In addition to our work in weekly lessons, I create and record unique, personalized vocal exercises for each student based on range and skill level. These, along with breathing, tongue, and postural  exercises, are done at home between lessons, so students hear and feel substantial improvement quickly. As the voice becomes progressively clearer and stronger, students gain confidence and see improvement in many areas of their professional, personal, and artistic lives.

The Next Step

I enjoy working with students at all levels of development. If you’re passionate about discovering, strengthening, honing, and beautifying your voice, please contact me. I would love to meet with you to hear more about your goals and interests, and to answer any questions you might have about voice lessons. I set aside time in my schedule each week to meet with new students, so it’s possible to get started very quickly.

It’s HERE!!! - The Academy of Voice!

You don’t have to live in Philly to work with me! Now you can work with me online, via a cutting-edge video platform to do vocal training anytime, anywhere with exercises custom-fit for your unique vocal profile.

Check out my new course, Foundations in Vocal Training at the Academy of Voice! My 8-week online video course is designed for singers at all levels of training. Lessons will feature an in-depth Introduction to the Voice and a complete Vocal Training Program. Included with the course are custom-fit vocal exercise recordings for you to train with that match your exact vocal profile. There’s a voice test you can take to get a free Vocal Profile Report.

Singers are loving the course and are getting very significant results that are similar to the progress I see with my local students in the first 2-3 months of in-person lessons. Because of the platform, cost for the course is only a fraction of the price of in-studio lessons, starting at $20 per month.

If you’re interested in learning more about my course or the Academy of Voice, just click over and check it out!